VbMc5 has been developed to take up as little space as possible on the screen. This makes it easier to run other applications simultaneously, such as AutoCAD or Excel.


In VbMc5 you are close to everything. Often with just one touch you reach the desired function. The controls and dialogs are designed so that they show as much as possibly at one time. Listed below are the most used windows.

Main window indications

  • Engineering positions
  • Fixed positions
  • Feed rates
  • Rapid rates
  • Indication for current tool
  • Indication for spindle speeds
  • Indicator switches


  • Preferences. For velocities, accelerations, max and min values, backlash compensation....
  • Spindle speed selection
  • Switch controls
  • Tool change
  • Centering features
  • Graphic test
  • Drilling features
  • Command options....
  • Standard movements
  • Position register
  • ISO G-code converter

Screen shots

Here´s a sample of controls and dialogues.

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