Delivery options

The system can be supplied in three different options depending on how much you want to do yourself. Price incl VAT.

  • DIY1 - CD and uc.   €88,00 
  • DIY2 - CD and uc on dev.board.   €118,00
  • Complete -   Please contact us.



  • Robots
  • Development and simulation environments
  • CNC lathes, milling and grinding machines
  • Engraving machines
  • Telescopes
  • Laser-, water- and plasmacutters
  • Camera control
  • Light effects

VBScript system for CNC and motion control in Windows

VbMc5 is a 9-axis motion control system that runs in Windows together with a microprocessor (uc).

The system enables a highly sophisticated environment with precise control of movements, I/O handling and functions etc. With communication in the form of Step / Direction is positioning done with stepper motors, servo systems and linear motion units.

Because Windows is not made for high speed real time operations, VbMc5 is build around an Atmel AVR uc to handle the time-critical processes. Unlike many other control systems for Windows, VbMc5 is a system to rely on.

Running the system

VbMc5 can be controlled manually or via software. The manual control is via the keyboard and selectable buttons. Programmed control can be done in VBScript, locally or remotely from other machines. It is also possible to control via VBA programming wich opens up for control from Office suites like Excel and from AutoCAD with AC5 CamOn and last from a built-in ISO converter. All programs can then be tested graphically.

Standard languages means that you get the opportunity to use the thousands of functions available there. For example, you can make loops, conditions, dialogs, using internal and external variables, trigger other programs and events in Windows and a lot more.

Some other benefits:

  • Synergies with languages framework
  • Support through Internet forums
  • Integration with other applications


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