Connection PC - uc: Serial cable.

Connection uc - drivers: 3 parts Step/Dir/Earth.



There are built in functions to customize VbMc5 as desired. Otherwise options can be made. Contact us with your ideas.


VbMc5 on a development card is a simple start. Here you are up and running in about an hour. If you choose to build yhour own card you should have some experience with electronics and be able to solder.


  • Install Uc on card.
  • Steppers or servos connects to drivers.
  • Drivers connects to power supply.
  • Drivers connects with Step/Dir to uc.
  • Uc connects to PC via serial cable.
  • Start the system.
  • Start the PC and install the CD.
  • Start the program and VbMc5 will find the uc automatically.



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